What Is CASHe Application Loan ?

What Is CASHe Application Instant PL(Personal Loan)?

CASHe is a financial company’s application. CASHe App only gives personal loan, which is given personal loan only to the salaried people and to take this loan,

you do not even need a lot of documents nor any loan agent ie loan No need to contact with the person getting the loan.

This application is famous for taking personal loans in a few minutes. The easiest and fastest way to get this personal loan is to use the loan taken from the CASHe app.

CASHe App has disbursed loans worth about ₹ 1550 Cr this year to manage your education related medical bills or any emergency.

CASHe Application Instant Personal Loan Kya Hota Hai OR Kya Hai ?

Personal loan comes under the category of unsecured or unsecured loan, so while taking this loan, you do not need to mortgage or deposit any property,

that is why it is called an unsecured loan, generally you have more documents to take this loan. Some documents are taken in this and it is considered easier than a loan like car loan,

home loan, the applicant only needs to have a job and good credit card score and if you talk about interest then it is the highest.

Personal loan has the highest interest out of most all loans. The main reason for this is that it is an unsecured loan. 

What are the features of CASHe Application Instant Personal Loan, there will be

  1.  no tedious paperwork and you will
  2.  have your loan amount in a few minutes. Will
  3.  Not Need Any  loan agent
  4. Salary 12000 or 1 Should be more than 2 thousand
  5.  Facebook/Google+/Linkdin account required

What are the documents required to apply for CASHe Application Instant Personal Loan

  1. Aadhar Card
  2. Pan Card
  3. Bank StateMent Last 6 Months
  4. Electricity Bill 
  5. Selfie

CASHe Application Instant Personal Loan How to apply 

  1. If you use Android Smartphone then Google Play Store If you use iPhone Apple then install CASHe app by going to Apple App Store
  2. Click and upload clean photos of your documents to the app so that it is clearly visible
  3.  then Complete your profile
  4.  Ensure your credit limit
  5.  You can apply for any personal loan with just one approval in person application

Note :- 

  1.  Credit Card Score Note Down by AI system of CASHe app
  2.  your repaymentHistory should be good only then CASHe app will be able to give you any personal loan

CASHe Application can give following maximum loan amount for following time period as per your eligibility

  Loan tenure  Time period (in months)As per SalaryMaximum Loan Amount
    90 Days    3 Salary of 110/100
  180 Days    6Salary 210/100
  270 Days    9Salary 310/100
  360 Days  12Salary 400/100
  540 Days  18Salary of 500/100

 i.e. if your

income is ₹ 12000 then your maximum loan amount for 90 days i.e. 3 months will be 12,000*110/100= 120*110= 13,200 for 3 months Max. Loan Amt.

If income is 20,000 then your maximum loan amount for 90 days i.e. 3 months will be 20,000*110/100 = 200*110 = 22,000

Income is 60,000 then your maximum loan amount for 540 days i.e. 18 months will be 60,000*500/100 = 60,000 *5 = 3,00,000

CASHe Application can give the following minimum and maximum loan amount according to your salary

Salary Minimum Loan AmountMaximum Loan Amount
    12,000    1,000  1,10,000
    22,000  25,000  2,10,000
    25,000  50,000  2,58,000
    40,000  75,000  3,00,000
    50,0001,25,000  4,00,000
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