10 Best Businesses to Start If You Want to Travel the World 2023

If you want to travel but can’t afford to quit your job, starting your own business could be the solution. From tours and travel planning to sales and marketing, there are plenty of businesses that will take you around the world without you ever having to leave your living room or desk (plus, some will even pay you to travel if you’re successful). Take a look at this list of the 10 best businesses to start if you want to travel the world.

1. Digital Nomad

Working remotely means you can literally live anywhere you want. Digital nomads move around for their jobs, sometimes settling down in one place, other times picking up and moving on when it suits them. It’s a lifestyle that doesn’t come without its challenges—and it’s not right for everyone—but if you’re willing to put in some extra effort and make smart choices, it can be an excellent way to travel while earning a living.

The best digital nomad businesses require minimal startup costs; a laptop and internet connection are usually all you need to get started. We pulled together a list of 10 ideas below!

2. Travel blogger

Whether you want to document your experiences, provide information for other travellers or even monetize your site, starting a travel-blog is a great way to travel and make money. With a bit of planning and research, you can be taking selfies in front of famous landmarks or working on your novel in no time.

The only thing that could stop you from doing it? That fear of failure. Remember: with hard work and dedication, there’s nothing stopping you from exploring the world while building your dream business.

3. Virtual Assistant

It’s never been easier or more affordable to start your own virtual assistant business. And while you’ll always need a physical address (and ideally, an actual office), there are no travel or location-specific requirements for most of these jobs.

Freelance writing, dog walking, and eBay arbitrage are just a few of these ideas. Read up on some of our favorites here and get inspired to create your own traveling business!

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4. Travel Agency

This type of business is a classic. A travel agency handles everything related to trips. From booking flights and hotels, to offering tips on local restaurants and attractions, travel agencies can help their clients plan all aspects of their dream vacation.

And with so many people searching for affordable trips, a travel agency can be an easy way to pick up work. To get started, create a website advertising your business and services you offer travelers. Be sure you have plenty of pictures available so customers can see exactly what they’re getting in each package or tour they purchase.

5. Photographer

Starting a personal tour guide business is an excellent way to travel. Tourists in a new city want help seeing it all, and they’re willing to pay for that help.

While you can offer private tours as well, giving group tours is more profitable and also provides opportunities for networking with other tour guides. Just make sure you’re familiar with local laws governing tour guides in your state and city; some areas require certification or special training.

10 Best Businesses to Start If You Want to Travel the World 2023
10 Best Businesses to Start If You Want to Travel the World 2023

6. Personal Tour Guide

If you love travelling and seeing new places, why not offer your services as a tour guide? Personal travel tours can be booked for groups or individuals and can take them anywhere in the world. A few things you’ll need are a good understanding of a certain area and some good recommendations from previous travellers

. It’s also ideal if you have some sort of transport available, like your own car or bicycle, that way you don’t have to rely on public transport when taking people on tours. If you love doing walking tours of cities, check out AirBnB for booking houses for rent in all kinds of great locations!

7. Cruise Ship Employment Opportunities

The travel industry is expected to grow by 4.5% in 2022, according to Forbes. Cruise ship jobs are a popular career choice among those looking for a chance to travel while working.

Jobs at sea often require long hours and plenty of flexibility, but they also offer an incredible opportunity for networking, meeting new people and even immersing yourself in different cultures—even if you aren’t traveling on vacation. Many cruise lines offer employment opportunities for professional chefs, entertainers, musicians and even marine engineers who design, construct and repair watercrafts and marine equipment.

Traveling professionals can find job listings online with several major employers including Carnival Corporation and Royal Caribbean International, which offers more than 200 positions each year.

8. Travel Blogger

While many people dream of working abroad and traveling on a regular basis, one of your best bets if you want to travel while earning money is starting a travel-themed blog.

Because they’re so popular with Google search algorithms (and readers), there are dozens of potential topics you can write about.

From backpacking around Central America to camping at every national park in California, your options are endless when it comes to creating your own travel niche. Consider applying for Sponsored Posts on Instagram or Facebook as well; brands are often willing to pay influencers for sharing photos or stories about their trips and destinations.

9. Traveling event planner

For someone who loves organizing events and can’t stand sitting still, a traveling event planner could be an ideal way to gain experience in a business that gets you up and out.

Traveling event planners are exactly what they sound like: Event planners who plan events (like weddings or parties) for people when they travel.

Their clients might be traveling because of work or just because they love seeing new places.

10. Graphic designer

If you love traveling and want a flexible schedule, consider starting a graphic design business. There are many ways that designers can be location independent—freelancing from home, working from coffee shops, or even taking jobs remotely from abroad.

While having more face-to-face meetings with clients is ideal for more complicated projects like logo design and web development, remote meetings via email or Skype can still be very effective for simpler designs like brochures and flyers.

Once you’ve established your brand as a designer (you’ll need samples of your work, a website showcasing it all), there are plenty of online marketplaces that allow you to sell these services.

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